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Your Tax Documents

Here are some of the most commonly required documents for preparing your taxes:

(Some of these items may not apply to you, in which case you can disregard them.)

  • Social security numbers for you, your spouse, and all your dependents
  • Last year's tax returns
  • W-2s for yourself and your spouse
  • Any 1099s you or your spouse received
  • Alimony received
  • Unemployment income statements
  • Social security income statements
  • Any other statements showing income

Additionally, you should be prepared to provide:

  • IRA contributions
  • Tuition payments and Student loan interest payments
  • Any itemized expenses you may wish to deduct, such as:
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Non-cash donations
  • Cash donations
  • Vehicle license tabs
  • Property taxes paid
  • Job-related moving expenses
  • Mortgage interest paid
  • Tax preparation fees
  • Uniform costs
  • Property Tax Refund documents
  • CRPs - Certificate of Rent Paid
  • Property tax statements

If you have children in school, you can apply for the Minnesota Education Credit. Be sure to bring this information to your appointment:

  • Educational software
  • Private school tuition or tutoring
  • Academic books/materials
  • Music lessons and music equipment rental
  • Tuition for academic summer camp
  • Instructor fees for drivers education
  • School supplies (must have itemized receipt)

If you have children in Daycare, there's one last thing to remember:

  • Daycare expenses - you will need to provide the name, address, amount paid, and social security number or EIN for each provider you paid.